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My name is Jose Pascoa, I am the owner and director of AtelierWeb Software, a software development and consultancy proprietorship established in 1999.
Before 1999, I worked for a number of large companies, while using some of my free time to produce little software utilities that surprisingly people was willing to buy.
The whole history is much longer, but I have learnt a bit of everything along the way.
I started programming in Assembly Language even before learning Visual Basic. Then I concentrated in C and C++ until I found the beauty of the Pascal language in Delphi. More recently, I went back to C/C++ and found also some usefulness in the .Net languages. I still like Delphi and hope it can find the right strategy for the future.
Other than doing software, I enjoy driving nice cars, boating and movies. I like to play chess when I have time.
I have university education and a master’s degree, but I dislike titles and prefer to be called just Jose.


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